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Tailor-made products


Consumers have become more health conscious over the recent years. They desire unique refreshments with authentic and fruity taste made of high quality natural ingredients. They request their drinks to have fewer calories, less sugar and high nutritional value.

Our tailor-made products can offer limitless creation options. KSY offers a wide range and exciting product portfolio to fit different product taste profiles and positioning. We have a vast variety of natural ingredients that cater to the needs of our clients in a global market. Our compounds deliver a full fruit experience, a unique concept and extraordinary taste combinations.

As an international player in the beverage industry, we have a broad knowledge of the market and many years of experience in developing successful tailor-made compounds. At KSY, we deliver clients innovative product ideas with the right natural ingredients, always tailor-made to perfection.

Tailor-made products - KSY blends, exciting product portfolio